Safe Community Update – March 2024

Our blog is live! Read this article on our Safe Blog. March kicked off with us hitting a pretty big number: over $100 billion in assets now secured through Safe, and we’ve already nudged past $110 billion. It’s a significant milestone for us, reflecting both growth and trust in what we’re building here — smarter accounts for everyone, accessible anywhere.

See you at Safe{Con}2! Join us in Berlin on May 23rd alongside Berlin Blockchain week for Safe's flagship smart account conference. Register here.

Setting Up Safes, Simplified: We’ve made deploying a Safe account easier than ever. Now available across 14+ networks, you can start without upfront costs, paying gas fees later.

Are Smart Accounts Sticky? We’re curious about the lasting appeal of smart accounts and have started to peel back the layers on what keeps users coming back.

Token Talk: Voting is open for [SEP #21], focusing on the SAFE token's utility — a crucial step before voting on transferability. Vote here.

Digital Ownership, Demystified: Our latest dive into digital ownership questions what it means to truly own your digital space. Smart accounts could be the key to bringing a billion people into web3, and we’re exploring how.

More from the Safe Ecosystem

  • Here’s your new cold wallet: Transform an extra device into a cold wallet with AirGap. It’s an easy boost to your security setup.
  • Insights on Safe{Core}: Ackee Blockchain is shedding light on using Safe{Core} safely, highlighting risks and offering tips.
  • Community Conversations: We hosted a chat with the founders of Nest, Zeal, and Picnic. Tune in to hear more about pass keys, advice for founders, and where the future of account abstraction is heading.
  • Join the Safe team! We’re hiring across all teams, come build the future of smart accounts with us!

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