Safe Community Update – December 2023

December Highlights

  • Safe usage across chains continues to boom. With 5M+ Safes created and 23M+ transactions, it’s safe to say that Smart Account adoption is here.

  • Product launches offering new forms of recovery, authentication and more are improving the functionality of Smart Accounts for all.

  • Progress continues across the Safe Ecosystem including progress among Safe Grants recipients and fundraising announcements from Safe Builders.


  • Over 5 Million Safes Created 🎉 We reached 5 million Safes created across chains. For the full picture, head over to this Dune Dashboard.
  • New ERC 4337 Module Launched: Teaming up with Pimlico, we launched the canonical ERC 4337 module. More on this here.

  • Safe{Recovery Hub} Launch: In collaboration with Sygnum and Coincover, we introduced Safe{Recovery Hub} bringing a range of recovery options directly into your Safe account.

  • Introducing SafeAuth: Working with Web3Auth, we rolled out SafeAuth. It offers a single social login for Smart Accounts, improving usability for a wide range of users.

Ecosystem Growth

  • ETHIndia Hackathon: Our biggest hackathon yet, with 48 projects built using SafeAuth, Safe{Core} Protocol, and the new Safe 4337 module. Check out the winners and more here.
  • Art Basel Campaign: At Art Basel, we launched the #RightClickAndSafe campaign. This was a fun moment to connect with the art and culture scene.

Safe Governance Updates

  • New Analytics Dashboard: The Safe Governance Analytics Dashboard grant project is progressing, moving us closer to a better platform for governance transparency.

  • DAO Proposals: A couple of SafeDAO proposals are progressing to the voting stage, including discussions on Stablecoin allocation and OBRA strategies. Get involved in the conversation on the forum.

Around the Safe Ecosystem

  • Brahma unveiled their Console Main Release, bringing new capabilities to asset management and DAOs. Find out more here.
  • Rhinestone’s Funding News: Rhinestone secured funding, with Safe among the participants.

Thanks for being with us in 2023. Here's to an exciting 2024!

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