Pimlico & Safe: Advancing Account Abstraction with Launch of ERC-4337 Module

Pimlico, a leader in ERC-4337 infrastructure, has now integrated Safe accounts via Safe’s newly launched ERC-4337 canonical module. By integrating Safe’s module, Pimlico enhances its infrastructure offering and enables its clients to build account abstraction products more seamlessly and with greater UX options.

The Ethereum standard ERC-4337 was introduced with the aim of ushering in more user-friendly crypto wallet designs. Bundlers such as Pimlico, defined by ERC-4337, act as a transaction relayer for smart accounts, offering an offchain transaction pool for organizing transactions before relaying them to the blockchain. Safe’s new module with Pimlico can enable developers to turn the Safe smart account standard into an ERC-4337 smart account. Appealing to web2 and web3 developers alike, it marks the first ERC 4337 smart contract module audited and ready to use in production with an already battle-tested standard i.e the Safe smart account

With this modularity, developers and users can easily opt in or opt out of ERC-4337 without changing the account. Embedded in the Safe developer stack, Safe{Core}, the module will allow non-web3 developers to offer web3 functionalities in their web2 consumer applications easily. In conjunction with its release, the module has been issued a full security audit.

To underscore our commitment to security, the module has undergone a comprehensive security audit, bolstered by an additional bug bounty program. This reinforces the dedication to providing the highest level of security, reliability and production readiness.

With over 5 million Safe smart accounts and more than 20 million transactions across multiple chains, Safe continues to lead the way in account abstraction. We are enabling a diverse range of applications and wallets, pushing the boundaries on the security and usability of blockchains.

Kristof Gazso, founder of Pimlico, said: “With over 4 million user operations sponsored and bundled since our launch in January, and having executed over 60% of all transactions to smart accounts, Pimlico is continuing to drive momentum in the account abstraction space by providing easy-to-use smart account relaying and gas sponsorship capabilities. By integrating Safe, the long-time industry-wide leader in the space, users will now be able to leverage the most battle-tested smart account framework with the best-in-class account abstraction infrastructure to provide smooth and powerful experiences for their end users.”

Richard Meissner, Co-Founder and Technical Lead at Safe, added: “The Safe ERC-4337 module is designed from the ground up for builders and developers who want to use account abstraction in production, while keeping the highest level of security and modularity. Fully audited, the module grants developers peace of mind while unlocking the full capabilities of account abstraction for users at the same time. This addition to Safe{Core}’s account abstraction stack enables developers to make use of the secure Safe stack with a large pool of AA tooling (like Bundlers). This way, developers can provide the best UX to their users and help accelerate the global transition to smart accounts, empowering true digital ownership.”

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