Safe{Con}: web3 builder conference drops on Sep 10 2023 in Berlin

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On Sunday, September 10, 2023, and one day before DappCon in Berlin, Safe (previously Gnosis Safe) will be organising its inaugural conference: Safe{Con}. The world’s first web3 builder conference focused on accelerating Ethereum’s transition to smart accounts will kick off at 09:00 AM at the venue Spindler & Klatt, located along the iconic Berlin Spree.

Why Safe{Con}?

Hosting Safe{Con} is another effort by Safe to accelerate the web3 shift to smart accounts, providing a platform for announcements, workshops, and community engagement. Importantly, it represents an opportunity for the growing ecosystem to lead the conversation around Account Abstraction (AA) and smart account standards, underlining our commitment to be leading contributors in this transformative phase of Ethereum's evolution.

A full day of programming, jam-packed with invigorating keynotes, panel discussions, presentations, workshops, and more surprises await builders, enthusiasts, and anyone interested in the future of web3 and smart accounts. Topics will revolve around the account abstraction landscape, the role of security and UX improvements in making smart accounts a standard.

Exclusive presentations from ecosystem partners will build ideas on advancing the mass adoption of smart accounts, and its use-cases such as self-custodial finance, DeFi, NFTs, staking, and more. From Safe, the team will be sharing updates and lead discussions involving the recently announced Safe{Core} Protocol, new features from Safe{Wallet}, as well as other exciting partner integrations.

Come by the dedicated developer lounge, hack away at workshops, and get to meet the founders and builders behind some of the most promising web3 projects pushing the account abstraction envelope. It's a unique opportunity to exchange ideas, create partnerships, and be part of the ever-evolving web3 community.

Speaker highlights

The debut event will see key presentations by some of the industry’s leading figures, including:

More speakers will be announced on our social media channels and website.

Like to be a speaker? Send across your application before Aug 31 2023:

Dedicated builders lounge

Developers can kick back in a dedicated floating lounge right on the Spree.
Developers can kick back in a dedicated floating lounge right on the Spree.

Drop by the dedicated lounge just for developers, located in the breezy outdoors on a stunning floating platform, right by the river’s edge. Here will be your chance to meet other developers, including from the Safe team. Get to know your fellow peers and future collaborators irl, and in an informal casual setting, where the focus will be on technical implementations, sharing experience and expertise.


From hacking on Safe{Core} Protocol to crafting UX design for web3, there will be hands-on workshops organised in the designated workshop room to satiate every curious mind.

Come by and get cosy as our handpicked knowledge experts share their thoughts, hacks, and experience building in web3.

Register now

From spicy panel discussions to surprise announcements, don’t miss out on the genesis edition of Safe{Con} for your chance to grab cool limited edition swag, mint POAPs to commemorate your participation, and network with the vibrant web3 community as we kick off Berlin Blockchain Week!

Entry to Safe{Con} is by registration at Register early before Friday, Sep 1, 2023, and get a chance to win 5 tickets to DeSci.Berlin happening from Sep 8 + 9, 2023.

All DappCon ticket holders will be entitled to entry to Safe{Con} with pre-registration.See you there!

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