Free Transactions are here on Safe{Wallet} thanks to Gnosis Chain and Safe{Core}

We are excited to announce the release of our latest addition to the account abstraction features on Safe{Wallet} today in collaboration with Gnosis Chain. This update will enable users to execute sponsored transactions with greater ease and efficiency.

What does this mean for the user?

Starting today, for the next 30 days (to start with), users on Gnosis Chain will be able to:

  • Create a Safe without paying for gas: Historically, one of the key friction points in creating smart contract accounts has been paying gas fees using a signer wallet. Now, on Gnosis Chain, gas fees will be sponsored and users will not have to pay for gas.

  • Send transactions without paying fees: Users will be able to send transactions without paying for gas fees using the “sponsored by Gnosis Chain” option while executing transactions. This will further reduce the cost and friction associated with using signer wallets (like a metamask or ledger) to pay for gas outside the Safe{Wallet} environment. We are starting out with a limit of 5 free transactions per hour.

How is this all made possible?

Within the newly launched Safe{Core} AA stack, the relay kit unlocks sponsored transactions and more by using the Gelato relayer as the backend. By bringing together Gelato 1Balance and Gnosis Chain, users can experience a seamless, gas-free experience. This is truly the power of account abstraction in action.

What’s next?

We believe that these tangible account abstraction features will significantly improve the user experience on Safe{Wallet} and make it easier for users to interact with the emerging decentralized finance ecosystem on Gnosis Chain. Over time this feature will come to other supported networks on Safe.

We’re always exploring UX improvements of account abstraction made possible by Safe{Core} and are proud to showcase this feature on Safe{Wallet}. Connect with our team on Discord or join a future Safe hackathon to bring the benefits of account abstraction to the world!

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