Safe + Web3Auth = SafeAuth: Portable Safe Accounts with social login

Safe has partnered with Web3Auth, a leading Wallet-as-a-Service (WaaS) provider, to take account abstraction to the next level through SafeAuth.

The latest addition to the Safe{Core} AA SDK, SafeAuth will enable Smart Accounts to become truly portable between dApps through one easy and convenient social login.

TL;DR: Build on SafeAuth

What is SafeAuth?

SafeAuth is a new Multi-Party Computation (MPC)-based product developed by Safe and Web3Auth. Compatible with Safe{Wallet} and several other Safe ecosystem apps and interfaces, SafeAuth will allow developers to build truly portable Smart Account use cases. Users are empowered to plug and play their user accounts between one decentralised application (dApp) to another – through just their social login.

Unlocking interoperability for Safe Accounts

Much like a Single Sign-On (SSO) in web2, SafeAuth allows web3 users to firstly, easily set up a Safe Smart Account using a familiar authentication method like their Google Account. No more seed phrases.

From there, users can then use the same login to seamlessly sign onto and interact with over 190 dApps in the Safe ecosystem, including popular dApps such as Aave and CowSwap and more, across supported networks such as Polygon, Optimism, and Gnosis Chain.

SafeAuth enables each created Smart Account to be attached to a social login, and can be portably accessed, much like an EOA (like Metamask).

In addition, SafeAuth allows a social login to be configured as complementary to a seed phrase, thus can be used similar to a 2-Factor Authentification. At the core of this solution is adaptability: users can choose additional authentications (e.g. multiple email addresses) as they deem necessary and move progressively towards a decentralized ownership of their account.

We are thrilled to be partnering with Safe to power Smart Account wallet creation via seamless social logins. The real game-changer is the interoperability SafeAuth brings, allowing existing and future dApps to interact more fluidly than ever before.” – Yong Zhen Yu, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer at Web3Auth

Key SafeAuth features:

Deterministic address generation using the same social login

Current MPC solutions in the market do not allow EOA addresses to be created deterministically. This leads to Smart Accounts being “embedded” within dApps but not portable. To avoid vendor lock-in, SafeAuth generates Smart Account addresses deterministically to allow just one single social login to be used across different dApps.

Direct compatibility and access to Safe{Wallet}

SafeAuth is fully compatible with Safe {Wallet}! This gives your users direct access to the entire Safe ecosystem and the 190+ dApps available with Safe{Wallet} using a social login.

MFA support for maximum flexibility and security

SafeAuth supports Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) for enhanced user security. Developers have the flexibility to choose between different authentication methods including password, SMS OTP, and Authenticator App, with more to be added in the future.

Built on the Safe Account

SafeAuth is built on Safe’s battle-tested smart account infrastructure, meaning that accounts are modular and future-proof. As the Safe ecosystem grows, support for recovery, more authentication methods, multiple relay standards and modules will be available to SafeAuth builders.

Simplifying onboarding for millions

SafeAuth is another milestone in Safe’s journey to grow an interoperable smart account ecosystem that greatly simplifies the user onboarding experience, without compromising on security.

"By integrating Web3Auth's innovative social login technology with Safe's pioneering account abstraction, we're elevating the crypto experience, significantly enhancing user convenience. This partnership marks an important step in our journey towards an accessible, interoperable and portable blockchain ecosystem ready to serve millions of users worldwide.” – Tobias Schubotz, Co-founder and Product Lead at Safe

Build on SafeAuth

Get started with integrating the most secure and interoperable Smart Account for your users.

Read the docs, try a demo, and get in touch with the team if you would like to build with SafeAuth.

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