Introducing Safe{Pass}: Be rewarded for what you already do

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Safe is excited to introduce an exciting new activity program: Safe{Pass} to recognize and reward our most active Safe users, both on Safe accounts and throughout the broader Safe ecosystem.

Whether you're a seasoned user or new to Safe, our program is designed to reward everyone based on their level of engagement and contribution.

Rewards will unlock in progressive stages from Safe as well as from exclusive Safe{Pass} Partners. Exclusive campaigns will be rolled out with launch partners such as EigenLayer, ENS (Ethereum Name Service), Euler, Rainbow, Wormhole and more, as well as Safe ecosystem projects such as Aarc, Cobo, Defi Saver, Den, Epoch Protocol, Lore, Palmera with more to be revealed.

From today, participants can start to lock their SAFE tokens to be eligible for a multiplier on points earned through activity in the Safe{Pass} activity program before the rewards season begins.

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How does Safe{Pass} work?

Getting benefits from Safe{Pass} is as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Lock SAFE tokens to get a boost that multiplies your earned points

  2. Actively use your Safe smart account to earn points

  3. Earn exciting rewards from Safe and Safe{Pass} partners

Go to the Safe{Pass} app to get started now! Or learn more in our Help Center article.

What is Safe{Pass}?

Safe users have consistently been first-movers and early pioneers at the forefront of web3 innovation, and are leading the smart account revolution. The Safe{Pass} activity program aims to reward activity and interactions with Safe smart accounts and give back to the community while building up a robust ecosystem of Safe.

Safe{Pass} rewards both new and existing users for their participation and contributions to the growth and security of the Safe Ecosystem. The more ways you interact with your Safe smart account, the more rewards you can earn. From weekly activity to transaction volume, automatically earn points and be rewarded for what you already do on Safe.

The first season will run until September 30, 2024 and is designed to reap benefits for and involve the entire Safe Ecosystem. Participants of Safe{Pass} can get rewarded through any ecosystem wallet built on Safe. Joining through selected ecosystem partners may even come with extra benefits!

To begin, the Safe{Pass] activity program will be live on Ethereum Mainnet, with an expansion to more networks in the forthcoming seasons.

Interact with Safe Smart Accounts and Earn Rewards

Not just for power users. You can earn points by actively using your Safe smart account, and in the future, participating in Safe{Pass} Partner activities.

Participating in Safe{Pass} is straightforward–you earn points through regular activities you're already doing:

  • Weekly Usage: Engage with your Safe Account weekly to consistently earn points.

  • Transaction Count and Volume: The more you transact, the more points you rack up. Points are awarded based on both the number and volume of transactions.

  • Assets Stored: Points are also accrued based on the USD value of the assets stored in your Safe Account.

Explore what you can do with your Safe account and increase your rewards effortlessly!

Lock SAFE To Boost Your Points up to 2x

You’re still early. Lock SAFE to boost your points! If you lock your SAFE Tokens, you will receive a points multiplier, which increases your reward potential. The more tokens you lock the higher the points boost potential. Being early also matters as it will give you a higher boost to your points. Locking your SAFE tokens at a later stage means you will miss out on potential boost compared to if you start now.

Safe{Pass} Partner Activities

Safe{Pass} will roll out new activities on a progressive basis, allowing participants to earn points towards rewards. Partners include:

…and more to be announced.

As each round progresses through the season, attractive rewards will be unlocked for participants including:

  • Early private access to new product features

  • Sponsored transactions

  • Invites to special events

  • and other off- and on chain rewards

Powered by Safe: Ecosystem Perks

Safe is not just a wallet. It is an ecosystem. Participants can engage with Safe{Pass} through any ecosystem wallet built on Safe, and joining through selected partners may come with extra benefits! Look forward to fun activities from ecosystem projects such as Aarc, Cobo, Defi Saver, Den, Epoch Protocol, Lore, Palmera, and discover what more you can do with your Safe account!

Lock SAFE. Unlock Limitless Potential.

How do I get started?

From today, you can already lock SAFE tokens, which will give you an early boost to points that you’ll earn in future activity in the Safe{Pass} program.

Visit our Safe{Pass} app to get started now. Stay on the lookout in the coming weeks for an announcement around activities that offer points!

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Please note that residents in (including the United States) may not be eligible for the boost and rewards. This means that your boost might not be applied to certain reward types, e.g. token rewards such as Safe, and you might not be eligible to receive certain type of rewards.


Please note that participating in the Safe{Pass} Program, collecting points and completing activities DOES NOT GRANT YOU ANY CONTRACTUAL CLAIM TO RECEIVE REWARDS.

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