Safe Community Update – October 2023

The Safe Community October update includes push notifications in Safe{Wallet}, insightful community calls, the first-ever DAATA and AI Hackathon, upcoming event participations, a stride in governance with the initiation of SEP #7 voting, and more.


  • Push notifications for Web Wallet are here! You can now enable push notifications for inbound and outbound transactions, and for pending signatures. The notification will arrive in your Browser even if the tab with Safe is closed or inactive.

Ecosystem, Events and Community

  • In case you missed it, catch the recording of Safe Community Call #13 covering all things happening around the Safe Ecosystem including a presentation from the team at HOPR.

  • The Safe DAATA and AI Hackathon runs through October 16th. We’re hacking the future alongside our incredible partners: Gnosis, Olas, The Graph, Buidl Guidl and Covalent. More details can be found here.

  • We’ll be at the following events and hackathons to close out 2023, we hope to see you around 👇

    • ETHLisbon: Nov 3-5

    • DevConnect in Istanbul: Nov 13-19

    • ETHIndia: Dec 8-10

  • Grants recipients for Wave 1 have been selected! Thanks to the over 100 incredible teams that applied to be part of the Safe Grants Program. We’ll be announcing recipients shortly after completing the KYC process.

Governance and Safe{DAO}

  • [SEP #7] Governance Framework is live for voting on Snapshot

  • Unredeemed SAFE tokens from the user airdrop allocation are available for redemption until October 27th, don’t miss out!

  • Listen to the recording of the Safe{DAO} Q3 Recap / Q4 Outlook on @safegovernance

Other updates from around the Safe Ecosystem

  • Ackee Blockchain Security audited Safe version 1.4.0 and shared some thoughts and considerations for users and developers interested in building on top of Safe.

  • Safe is still building strong through the bear! Come check out our multiple open positions.

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