Safe Community Update – November 2023


  • Safe{Wallet} with Google and Gnosis Chain: free Safe Accounts on Gnosis Chain using Google accounts are here.

  • Safe Grants Program - Wave 1 Grantees: Grant recipients in various strategic categories have been announced.

  • AI Agent Economy on Gnosis Chain: Over half of the transactions on Gnosis Chain are now made by AI agents, marking the emergence of a significant agent economy.


Safe{Wallet} with Google and Gnosis Chain is here!

We launched a new feature allowing free account creation on Gnosis Chain using a Google account, offering ease of use and self-custody without the need for seed phrases. Enjoy free account creation and 5 free transactions every hour on Gnosis Chain and stay tuned for new network support in the future. Read the full release here.


Ecosystem, Events, and Community

Safe Grants Program - Wave 1 Grantees Announced

Grants were awarded across four strategic categories including:

  • Build

    • AbstractionKit – Reference SDK for ERC-4337 with new Safe{Core} Protocol

    • Account Recovery with a regulated Swiss Bank

    • Cannon

    • dSAFE registry

    • Eternal Safe – Decentralized Safe{Wallet}

    • Extensible Fallbank Handler + Signature Verifier Muxer

    • Fluidkey – Privacy Made Simple

    • Liveness Module

    • Safe Explorer

    • ZenGuarden

  • Growth

    • Acme

    • Brahma Console - DeFi Pro Asset Management

    • Lore: Empowering Communities Through Co-Ownership

    • Nest Wallet – A Browser Extension for your Safe

    • StationX

  • Research

    • Challenges and Opportunities of Distributed Cryptography for Safe

    • How to responsibly incentivize multisig signers?

    • Safe Anonymization Module

    • SafeRecover: zk-powered recovery mechanisms

  • Govern

    • StableLab: Enhancing Governance Participation in SafeDAO

    • Safe Governance Analytics Dashboard


Governance and Safe{DAO}

  • [SEP #8] Outcomes-based resource allocation framework (OBRA) live for voting on Snapshot

  • [SEP #7] Governance framework was accepted with the highest voting participation and fastest proposal to reach its quorum

  • [SEP #5] Redistribution of unredeemed token completed with a redemption rate of 58.05% and wallet participation rate of 59.08%

  • New governance season 1 - sprint 1 started October 30, 2023

Other updates from around the Safe Ecosystem

  • Punk6529 completed the $6M purchase of Dmitri Cherniak’s ‘The Goose’ NFT by securely storing it a Safe account.
  • AI Agent Economy on Gnosis Chain: More than half of the transactions on Gnosis Chain made by AI agents, indicating a growing agent economy. Read our perspective on the evolution of the Agent Economy.
  • Messari published its Safe Q3 2023 Brief. The tl;dr is that smart account adoption is here.
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