Safe Community Roundup #1

Introducing Safe Community Roundups

Following the success of the Safe Community Call earlier this week, we’re launching Community Roundups as your definitive guide to the Safe Ecosystem.

Volume #1 includes:
1. Safe Community Calls
2. SafeDAO Governance updates
3. Safe Ecosystem spotlight
4. Account Abstraction as a priority for web3 adoption

1. Safe Community Calls

Earlier this week we hosted the first-ever Safe Community Call 🎉

Community Calls will be held roughly every two weeks to cover updates from SafeDAO, product developments, and ecosystem updates. Thanks to everyone who joined and helped make the first call a success, we’re already looking forward to the next one.

If you missed it, check out the recording of the call here and register for call #2 on November 7th here.

2. Safe Governance Updates

The SafeDAO governance process is taking shape and we’ve had questions on the process, how to get involved, and what upcoming topics of discussion might be.

The SEP Process
The SEP Process

Safe Governance follows three key phases:

  1. Pre-SEP Ideation: Ideas can be discussed in an open format on the Discourse Forum. The purpose is to refine, stress-test, and collect feedback from the community before moving into a more structured format. This phase is optional and is considered “Phase 0”.

  2. SEP Discussion: Discussion is moved forward as an official SEP with the intention of refining and drafting a finalized SEP for a community. This is mandatory and constitutes “Phase 1”.

  3. SEP Vote: Once discussion and drafting of an SEP is finalized, it can be moved to an official vote on Snapshot. “Phase 2” is the final step for an SEP to be voted on and accepted or rejected by the community.

For more information on SafeDAO’s governance process, click here. The best ways to get involved are to follow @safegovernance on Twitter and join the discussion on the Discourse Forum!

Recent votes and discussion:

  • SEP-1: Participation Agreement overwhelmingly passed on Snapshot 🎉 This milestone marks the first SEP passed by the SafeDAO and provides clarity for all participants.
SEP-1 passed with overwhelming support!
SEP-1 passed with overwhelming support!

3. Safe Ecosystem Updates

On the latest community call, Stephen Song, founder of Castle, showed off their latest release as a Safe App.

Castle: NFT collecting built on top of Safe
Castle: NFT collecting built on top of Safe

With Castle, you can buy, sell, and transfer NFTs, from all of the major NFT marketplaces including OpenSea and more. Castle is built on top of the security of Safe and is now available directly from the Safe App Store.

Learn more about Castle and check out more information on Safe Apps.

4. Account Abstraction

We believe that the adoption of smart contract accounts as the default for interacting with web3 (also known as account abstraction) is crucial for the future growth of the ecosystem.

With account abstraction, users benefit from higher security, more convenience and greater feature sets when managing their digital assets. For instance, in contrast to normal wallets (EOAs), smart contract wallets allow users to make use of recovery mechanisms, upgrade their wallet, use composable tooling, batch transactions as well as create semi-custodial setups.

We’ll be speaking more on this topic and collecting feedback from the community on how we can push account abstraction forward. Stay tuned and let us know if you’d like to get involved.

Hybrid custody is one of the features unlocked by account abstraction
Hybrid custody is one of the features unlocked by account abstraction

Signing Off

Thanks again to everyone who joined for the first Safe Community Call! It was a huge success and we look forward to ongoing conversations. Sign up for the next community call and subscribe to our publication on Mirror for future roundups.

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