Safe Community Roundup #4

The final Safe Community Roundup of 2022 includes:

  • An exciting Safe Community Call to start off 2023

  • A wrap-up of ETHIndia, the biggest ETHGlobal Hackathon ever

  • Updates from SafeDAO

  • An ecosystem spotlight from Daoism Systems

  • And a final reminder to claim $SAFE!

Safe Community Calls

If you missed it, catch the recording of Safe Community Call #4 including updates on Safe’s participation at ETHIndia, recent Safe Governance discussions and a presentation from Daoism Systems on NinDAO – a Telegram bot that allows you to turn your group chat into a DAO.

Mark your calendars for the next Safe Community call on January 9th, 2023, where Safe Co-Founder Richard Meissner will unveil the vision for the future of Safe contracts. Ultimately, the vision for Safe Contracts is to be the core of all Smart Contract-based wallets and make it easy to provide Account Abstraction to users and developers. There are considerations and tradeoffs that must be made to achieve this vision and we’re excited to host Richard as he presents on this important topic.

If you’re interested in participating, please register for the presentation and Q&A on January 9th and join the conversation on the SafeDAO Forum.

ETHIndia Summary

We’re still coming down from the action at ETHIndia. With 2,000+ hackers and 450+ teams, it was the biggest ETHGlobal Hackathon ever and it really showed in the quality of submissions from all of the hackers. We hosted a side event with our friends Coinshift and Superfluid and received over 24 submissions for bounties from Safe.

Here are the winners of Safe bounties:

  • Banana Smart Wallet – 2FA of transactions with account abstraction

  • SafePay – Managing periodical transactions of ETH and ERC20

  • SafeGuard – Customisable on-chain financial controllers on Safes

  • Velvet 4337 – Streamlining cross-chain DeFi with ERC-4337

  • DigiGo – Web3 loyalty programs with private credentials, self-custody, and DeFi yields

  • SafeBatch – Record and batch-send transactions saving time and gas

We had a blast and are already looking forward to the next ETHIndia 🎉

SafeDAO Update

The voting phase has started for SEP #3: “Towards clarity on milestones before voting on enabling transferability again” on Snapshot. Get involved in the vote or participate in the discussion on the forum.

Safe Ecosystem Spotlight: Daoism Systems and NinDAO

On the last community call, the team at Daoism Systems shared their work on NinDAO, a Telegram bot that allows you to turn your group chat into a DAO. The team believes that shared ownership should be an accessible experience and that’s why they chose to combine the accessibility of a Telegram chat with the functionality and flexibility of Safe. If you’d like to see what the team has built, head over to the NinDAO site.

Final Reminder: Claim $SAFE by December 27th

This is a final reminder to please claim your $SAFE tokens by December 27th at 10:00am CET! Any unclaimed allocations will be transferred back to the SafeDAO. To check your eligibility and claim your $SAFE tokens, please head to the Safe Claiming App.

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