Safe Community Update – January 2024

January Highlights

  • We’re kicking off the new year by celebrating our successes from 2023. With over 4 million Safes deployed in 2023 alone, we’re already planning for another huge year across the Safe Ecosystem!

  • The SafeDAO passed important proposals in December including stablecoin allocation and OBRA strategies and budget.

  • Controlling Safes across chains is now possible thanks to storage proofs and Hashi's block header propagation.

  • Safe Wrapped 2023: In case you missed it, Safe had a phenomenal year in 2023, achieving a milestone of over 4 million Safes deployed! Check out the full highlights below.
  • Looking for passkey design partners: We're on the lookout for design partners to help enhance user experience in web3 through our passkey design project. Submit this form if you’re interested in learning more.
  • New Bug Bounty with Hats Finance: We've teamed up with Hats Finance to announce a new bug bounty, continuing our commitment to the top level of security.
  • Beware of Address Poisoning Scams: A friendly reminder that address poisoning scams are still a concern in the web3 space. Stay vigilant and informed. For tips on how to stay safe and what to do, check out our detailed post.
  • From SafeDAO: We're pleased to announce the passage of SEP #9 and SEP #10, focusing on stablecoin allocation and OBRA strategies and budget.

Upcoming Events

  • ETHDenver Appearance: Join us at ETHDenver, where we'll be part of the d/Infra Summit with 1kx.
  • ETHGlobal Hackathon in London: Join us for the first ETHGlobal hackathon of the year, happening in London this March!

Ecosystem Highlights

  • Control Crosschain Safes with Hashi: You can now control your Safes on any chain using just your main Safe! Powered by storage proofs and Hashi's block header propagation.
  • Interview with Karpatkey: Tune into our interview with Karpatkey, leading experts in DAO treasury management.
  • Social Safes: Controlling decentralized social accounts on Lens is now possible through Safe.
  • Join the Safe team! Come accelerate the transition to smart accounts with us. We're opening both technical and non-technical roles across our hubs in Switzerland, Germany, Spain, and Portugal. You could be the right fit!
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