The Safe Case #2: Digital Ownership in Your Pocket

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The Safe Case #2: Digital Ownership in Your Pocket

What if owning your digital world was as simple as using your favorite app? That's the promise of web3 ownership, and smart accounts are the key to unlocking it for the next billion users. In this edition of The Safe Case - our ongoing series where we dive deep into Safe Smart Accounts as the bedrock of onchain ownership - we'll explore how smart accounts are the key to onboarding a billion new web3 owners.

While Web2 is characterized by users, Web3 will be defined by owners. As we transition to interacting with digital assets and identities in new ways, the question is urgent: how do we bring true ownership to the next billion users? Smart accounts, the foundation of the Safe ecosystem, hold the answer to unlocking a user-friendly web3.

– Read Write Own by Chris Dixon
– Read Write Own by Chris Dixon

The Growth of Safe Smart Accounts

Smart accounts are emerging as a foundational building block for web3 ownership, offering greater flexibility and security compared to traditional EOAs. They represent a significant leap forward, similar to the smartphone moment for on-chain accounts and ownership experiences.

Safe has become a leader in the account abstraction space on Ethereum and the EVM, boasting the most secure smart account infrastructure. With 33 million transactions facilitating a significant amount of on-chain activity, $96 billion in total assets stored, and 6.7 million accounts deployed across 14+ networks, Safe's influence is undeniable.

Growth from Q3 '23 to Q4 '23
Growth from Q3 '23 to Q4 '23

Powering the Next Wave of User-Friendly Web3 Apps

Teams are harnessing Safe Smart Accounts to introduce features like paymasters and passkeys, simplifying transactions and unlocking new possibilities for web3 apps. These integrations demonstrate how smart accounts revolutionize our digital interactions.

Safe is the backbone of the Ownership Economy...
Safe is the backbone of the Ownership Economy...
With hundreds of ecosystem projects building the future
With hundreds of ecosystem projects building the future

Gnosis Pay: Spend Crypto with Your Everyday Visa

Gnosis Pay bridges the gap between web3 and everyday spending with its Visa card and developer toolkit. Users can seamlessly spend crypto from their self-custodial wallets at any merchant accepting Visa, enhancing convenience and real-world utility. Built on Safe Smart Accounts for secure asset management, and integrating regulated stablecoins like EURe, Gnosis Pay prioritizes both flexibility and compliance. By providing developer tools, Gnosis Pay aims to empower widespread adoption through fintechs, wallets and beyond, lowering the barrier to entry for new, innovative financial services built on crypto rails.

Zeal: A Secure and Convenient Way to Manage Digital Assets

Zeal, a new crypto wallet founded by former Revolut employees, aims to revolutionize security and user experience in the web3 wallet space by leveraging the power of Safe Smart Accounts. Its emphasis on advanced security checks and previews for web3 transactions provides users with proactive protection against scams. Additionally, Zeal's seamless integration with traditional banking systems, including free USDC transfers, enhances convenience – a testament to the improved usability made possible by Safe's flexible smart account architecture.

Nest Wallet: A Multi-Chain Wallet for Traders

Nest brings all of the tools you need to trade into a single, Safe-optimized experience. By integrating mobile passkey support, smooth management for cross-chain positions, and a top-tier UI, Nest makes it easy and convenient to track and manage trades from your pocket. The core team brings experience brings experience from the best technology, web3, and traditional finance companies including : BitGo, Jump, Google, Bloomberg and more. As winners of the first-ever Safe hackathon and as a Safe Grants recipient, we’re excited to continue working together to bring smart accounts to the masses.

Picnic: DeFi Investing Made Easy

Hailing from Brazil, Picnic is a DeFi protocol that reimagines asset management with a user-experience resembling traditional brokerage firms or even online banks. Leveraging the power of Safe Smart Accounts, Picnic empowers users to manage diversified baskets of DeFi assets through a single transaction. While self-custodial wallets operate seamlessly in the background, users enjoy a familiar web2-like experience. This innovative approach eliminates the complexity often associated with crypto investment, making DeFi accessible to a broader audience.

Picnic – bringing Smart Accounts to Brazil
Picnic – bringing Smart Accounts to Brazil

Smart Accounts: Building Blocks of a User-Centric Web3

The integration of Safe Smart Accounts across diverse sectors – from digital asset management and identity verification to social platforms and gaming – underscores their far-reaching influence amidst ongoing digital transformation. As existing players continue to harness the power of Safe Smart Accounts, new entrants are provided with a blueprint for leveraging them to create secure, efficient, and user-centric on-chain experiences.

The future of digital interactions, powered by Safe Smart Accounts, promises not only enhanced security and convenience but also a fundamentally reimagined way of engaging with the digital world. This future holds the potential to be more inclusive, interactive, and innovative than ever before.

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