Fiat on-ramp now available in Safe{Wallet} mobile app (iOS)

On ramp faster than you can say "gm." We’re excited to announce a new fiat on-ramp feature available for Safe{Wallet} mobile users on iOS. Now you can buy crypto directly within your Safe{Wallet} using your credit/debit card or Apple Pay, and receive your digital assets within minutes.

Ramp up your Safe{Wallet} experience

Previously, onboarding to crypto meant having separate accounts with a centralized exchange, many of which have proven to be unreliable actors over the years.

Better on-ramping with self-custody is now here, with no need to trust a centralized entity in keeping your digital assets safe. And Safe{Wallet} Mobile on iOS along with Moonpay, has made on-ramping into crypto even smoother.

Top up for Safe Account and EOAs

Ran out of gas? On ramping supports all accounts, including connected owner keys!

You can easily add funds to not only your Safe Smart Account, but also all connected owner keys (externally owned accounts or EOAs) from within the Safe{Wallet} mobile app. This new functionality ensures that you do not have to leave the app to add funds to your owner keys, even if you have no funds left on your EOA – saving you a few hoops.

Fiat on-ramping in Safe{Wallet} on iOS is powered by MoonPay. You can purchase crypto through MoonPay in over 160 countries, and buy digital assets on the following chains: Ethereum, BNB Smart Chain, Optimism, Arbitrum, Polygon, Avalanche and Celo with more to be supported on the way.

How it works

Buying crypto in your Safe{Wallet} app is smooth and easy.

Simply click the “Buy crypto” button to start the process. Select the asset and currency that you wish to purchase in and click “Continue” to check out with MoonPay, our fiat on ramp partner.

You will then be asked to share your email address and go through a KYC process to verify your identity with MoonPay. Once that is through, you can then select your preferred payment method: either by debit/credit card or Apple Pay to complete the transaction.

From there, wait a few minutes to see fresh funds arrive in your Safe Smart Account.

And that’s it!

Experience the freedom to buy crypto anytime, and on the go, from the Safe{Wallet} Mobile in self-custody.

No Safe{Wallet}? Download Safe{Wallet} on iOS.

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