Safe Community Roundup #2

Volume #2 Includes:

  • Announcing Safe Grants

  • Safe Community Calls

  • SafeDAO Governance Updates

  • Den: Safe Ecosystem Spotlight

  • Join the Safe team!

Announcing Safe Grants

Last week, FTX taught us a painful lesson. We've preached slogans like “Be your own Bank” or “Not your keys, not your coins” for years. Yet still, many in our industry rely on centralized custodians. 

It's time for self-custody to become the default. To make that happen, Safe is committing $1M in grants for teams building better alternatives to custodial solutions.

Read more about the Safe Grants, launching early 2023.

Safe Community Calls

If you missed Safe Community Call #2 , check out the recording of the call here and register for call #3 on November 21st here

Safe Governance Updates

Following the fallout from the FTX collapse, the SafeDAO voted against enabling transferability of $SAFE. Follow the summary of votes here.

Other updates from SafeDAO Governance:

  • Lukas proposed a SafeDAO Constitution and the discussion continues, make sure to catch up and participate in the debate.

Den: Safe Ecosystem Spotlight

Den is a tool to upgrade your Safe experience. Den provides context around transactions, and delivers notifications in your preferred channels. If you're looking for better ways to improve your DAO’s multis signing experience, Den has you covered.

To see the full presentation from Den, watch the recording of Community Call #2.

We’re hiring!

We’re looking for the best to help us unlock ownership for all in Web3. Interested in joining us? Check out our open roles:

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