bAAse x SAAfe: Gas credits for builders

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TL;DR: Get gas credits up to 1 ETH if you are building on Safe smart accounts and Base:

The leading smart account infrastructure provider Safe has joined forces with Base, the Ethereum Layer 2 (L2) network incubated by Coinbase, to offer modular tooling for developers building with smart accounts and to support developers with free gas credits.

This initiative aims to empower more builders to tap into the benefits of smart accounts and make decentralized applications (dApps) more accessible, secure, and efficient for users worldwide. The collaboration comes with the wider aim of pushing smart accounts as the default standard of ownership on Ethereum.

Smart accounts as the Ethereum default

Safe and Base are both working towards the common aim of making smart accounts (smart contract wallets) the default standard on Ethereum and L2s. With its inherent programmability and personalisation, smart accounts have been singled out as key to unlocking mainstream onchain adoption.

Unlike externally owned accounts (EOAs), smart accounts enable key features for self-custody users, like multi-signature transactions, account recovery, and recurring payments, mirroring, and even bettering the user experience in Web2 and expanding the use cases for onchain. In contrast, self-custody applications built with EOAs are riddled with user experience issues, like complex private key management, unpredictable gas fees, and a lack of functional versatility for dApps.

Jesse Pollak of Base and Lukas Schor of Safe discussing smart account mass adoption at the Eiffel in Crypto Panel at ETHCC Paris in 2023.

Based smart account activity

Smart account adoption has been gaining traction on Base. Check out @0xKofi (Bundlebear)’s ERC-4337 dashboard to track smart account adoption on Base and other major networks.

After a spike in August 2023, key metrics such as Base Monthly Successful UserOps and Monthly Active ERC-4337 Smart Accounts have been on a rise. Recently, the launch of frames on Farcaster also saw a flurry of user operations activity on the ERC-4337 entrypoint on Base.

In addition, paymasters have paid out more than 20 ETH in gas fees on behalf of users to date.


1 ETH in gas credits for Safe x Base builders

To support developers' gas costs, Base is offering (up to) 1 ETH in gas credits to developers building on Safe in the program's initial 12-month launch. With Safe{Core}, Safe’s modular and open-source stack, developers can leverage smart account infrastructure to build tools for various use cases on Base.

Leading in smart accounts adoption, Safe has supported over 6 million smart accounts and has facilitated over 30 million transactions, with the capacity to bolster growing activity across the Ethereum ecosystem.

Safe's support for the Base Sepolia testnet live since February 2024, also provides a robust testing environment for seamless integration.

"With over 230 million unique Ethereum addresses worldwide, and daily L2 transactions surpassing L1 transactions, the need for dynamic and scalable solutions has never been more apparent. By combining Safe's modular smart account infrastructure with Base's native account abstraction support, we are paving the way for smart accounts to become the default standard for Ethereum developers.” – Lukas Schor, co-founder at Safe

"Smart account adoption is vital to making onchain apps easy to use for everyday people, and the key to unlocking this future-proof technology is reducing the barriers to developers. With this gas fee credit program, we are incentivizing developers to harness the power of smart accounts and making it easier for builders to help create a more accessible onchain ecosystem.” – Nick Prince, Product Manager at Base

Get gas credits now

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