Crypto: The Game is back for Season 2, Secured by Safe

Launching on 2 April 2024 (early access) for Season 2, Crypto: The Game is back!

Crypto: The Game first took Crypto Twitter by storm last season, capturing the feverish imaginations and dramatic attention of its 410 participants and multiples more of onlookers who were swept up in nothing short of obsession.

Claimed by many as “the most fun had in crypto in years”, the acclaimed virtual game is now back for a second season, with much higher stakes, and more fun to be had.

This year, Safe is sponsoring the highly anticipated event. The ultimate prize pot will be secured by Safe’s battle-tested smart account infrastructure.

What is Crypto: The Game

Essentially, Crypto: The Game is a 10-day, survival-themed virtual game where participants link their Twitter accounts, and coordinate to vote off competitors until a single winner claims the entire prize pool. Its debut season saw participation from the top of Crypto Twitter, including 3LAU, Packy McCormick, Jesse Pollak, and Bored Elon Musk.

Players can earn immunity through winning various tribal immunity challenges such as arcade games, scavenger hunts and crypto puzzles. Everything is discussed in a 24/7 chatroom. CTG's first season created a feverish sensation with 410 participants, culminating in one winner – a Tokyo-based member of the Hyperloot community named 'MFL', who walked away with 41Ξ (over $150,000).

The highly anticipated Season 2 is now back by popular demand, with higher stakes than before. Many will play, but only one will win.

This year not only will Crypto: The Game be launched on Base, it comes with an additional twist that will raise the game theory stakes. Unlike in Season 1, where players sent 0.1 ETH to the game’s multisig to participate, all players will now mint an NFT for a spot.

When voted out, the NFTs turn from Player NFTs to Jury NFTs. However, players are also able to sell their NFT at any point during the game.

What kinds of social dynamics, alliances and competitive rivalry will emerge from the latest season? Tune in to find out!

A Meta Crypto experience

What makes Crypto: The Game so compelling are the parallels it draws with the cryptocurrency industry and the commentary it forces on some of the dynamics among its largest players.

Does Crypto: The Game mirror a highly player-vs-player environment that crypto sees itself with its loyal tribal divisions? Is it a survival, one winner takes all situation where only one network will reign supreme? Or can onchain coordination and collaboration save the day?

The Game holds the potential to scale what is initially an onchain, crypto native audience to wider and broader appeal, and Safe is excited to be a part of that discovery journey.

Through its exploration of competition, collaboration, and community, Crypto: The Game promises to be a pivotal platform for dialogue, learning, and innovation within the crypto space and beyond.

The Game Prize Pool, Secured by Safe

This year, gamers mint an NFT worth 0.1 ETH (on Base) to participate, with the proceeds going into a collective pool. One wallet is limited to one mint each. The total prize money is held and secured in Safe’s battle-tested smart account infrastructure, with multisig security and other granular modularity permissions and controls, until the time is right to release the funds to the ultimate winner.

The onchain infrastructure allows participants and also sleuths to verifiably track the transactions, recipients, and owners openly and transparently at every stage.

Crypto: The Game x Safe x VanEck Kick-Off Dinner

Safe, together with global investment firm, Vaneck, are teaming up to kick-off the launch of Season 2 Crypto: The Game! Some of the previous season’s participants along with new ones will gather for dinner and engage in enthusiastic deep game discussions IRL on Thursday 4th April during NFT.NYC. All invitees can claim an exclusive POAP!

We can’t wait for the onchain drama to unfold this season.

Sign up as a participant, or follow along on X to be tuned into every step of The Game.

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